Drupal 8

Admin pages are in English Drupal?

All Admin pages are in English and admin menu always in LTR?

1) First go to Administration -> Configuration -> Regional and language -> Languages -> Detection and selection tab and make sure to have “Account administration pages“ enabled.

2) Then go to People and edit your user. Admin -> Edit Profile -> Edit

Go down to the Language settings section. You should now see a Administration pages language dropdown. 

Select and save.

3) Go to the administration language using the following settings:

url: /admin/config/regional/language/detection

"Account administration pages" - Enabled

"Follow the user's language preference." - Enable

and drag and drop to the top position.

Drupal Multisite Setup on a XAMPP with Localhost

Install a XAMPP on your local machine.  Followed recommendations to not install in program files as there is some firewall problems. (e.g., c:\xampp)

Install a Drupal 8 instance that will act as the root site for our multisite instance. In our example, the root site will be called drupal8multisite, will be reachable at drupal8multisite.com, and will be installed at /xampp/htdocs/drupal8multisite

Drupal 8 Module Structure

|     |-> install
|     |      |-> xyz.settings.yml
|     |-> schema
|     |      |->  xyz.schema.yml
|     |-> optional
|-> src
|     |-> Controller
|     |      |->xyzController.php
|     |-> Form
|     |      |-> xyzBlockForm.php
|     |      |-> xyzForm.php
|     |-> plugin
|     |      |-> Block

What is TWIG?

Twig is a template engine for PHP and it is part of the Symfony2 framework. Drupal 8 Twig replaces as the default templating engine.

* By default, the twig theming engine compiles templates into PHP code and stores the compiled code in memory.
* Compiled code is unsuitable for development, Since Changes in twig templates are not immediately updated in your Drupal site.

New Core modules in Drupal 8?

* Ban - Block  Ip addresses
* Breakpoint - Keeps track of the height, width and resolution break point for responsive design.
* CKEditor
* Config
* Datetime
* Edit
* Editor
* Email
* Entity
* Entity Reference
* HAL -> Serializes entities using HAL
* History -> Records which user has read which content
* Language
* Layout
* Link
* Menu link
* REST -> RESTful webservices module
* Serialization
* Telephone
* Tour
* Views
* Views UI

how to use t() in twig file?

Translation filters
This filter (alternatively, t) will run the variable through the Drupal t() function, which will return a translated string. This filter should be used for any interface strings manually placed in the template that will appear for users.

<a href="{{ url('<front>') }}" title="{{ 'Home'|t }}" rel="home" class="site-logo"></a>