10 New Features in Drupal 8?

1) New fields
     |-> Date, Email, Link, Reference, Telephone
2) Fields are everywhere:
     |-> You can add fields to nodes, blocks, comments, contact forms, taxonomy terms and users.

3) CKEditor
     |-> One of the very best text editors on the market.

4) Quick edit

5) Responsive Images
     |-> D7 provided Image styles in the core, which allowed you to automatically resize images.
     |->  D8 takes that a step further and allows you to choose different styles for Individual Images. The various styles will be used for different device sizes.

6) Tour
       |->  You can click the Tour link and see pop-ups that explain how Drupal works.

7)  Views
       |-> Views is now in the Drupal 8 core
       |-> Most of the Drupal administration screens now use Views, which makes them easy to customize.

8)  Multilingual
       |-> Configuration Translation
       |-> Content Translation
       |-> Interface translation
       |-> Language

9) Configuration manager
       |-> Easier to export and import the features that you build.
10) Webservices  (4 web services module)
       |-> HAL
       |-> HTTP Basic Authentication
       |-> RESTful Web Services
       |-> Serialization