Drupal Bartik Admin - Drupal Super Admin theme as a Batrik theme

Bartik Admin Thirstysix

Drupal Bartik Admin-Super admin theme forever.

It's just an emerging product. As a bartik, we have to always configure the superadmin. The software settings may be overridden if you need to. It will only be open to the superadmin useruid 1.

The admin pages will be overridden by super admin theme as batrik. Drupal lets you identify a specific Admin Pages theme.

URL: https://www.drupal.org/project/bartik_admin

It offered an option to disable the other disabled topics.
Only if you want to uninstall the superadmin theme goto profile page (user/1/bartik-admin) will the Configuration page display allowed topics.

If Bartik theme means disabled, the default ADMINISTRATION THEME (/admin / appearance) will be taken as a superadmin user.



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