Managing Drupal Caches & Performance

* Configuration Best practices - Disable unused modules & update manager module
*  Views Caching
*  Use cache replacements like Memcache, File cache, Redis (a key-value store)
*  Cache and optimize Specific Components
     -> Entity Cache, Display cache, Advanced css/js aggregration, Image Lazyloader, Speedy, Fast 404, Authcache
* External Caching like Varnish, Cache expiration, Boost
      ->  It's possible to place another application in-front of yours that will serve cached copies or your webpages, this is called "HTTP acceleration" or "Reverse proxy caching"

*  Services like Content Delivery Networks (CDN) such as CloudFlare, Pantheon Hosting
* Tools - Tracking your slow queries with the Devel module
* MONGODB - It's a 'NoSQl' type of database. This Database system stores JSON documents instead of the records