Webform Spam Words in Drupal to Block spam based on keyword strings

Webform Spam Words

Webform Spam Words Drupal (WSW)

Module: https://www.drupal.org/project/webform_spam_words

Avoid Spam words on Webform Drupal
It's a simple module for webform validation with spam keywords. Administrators can provide the access to add spam keywords, Error message and field name.


  1. Place the module folder in your modules folder or try with composer
  2. Make sure you have the webform module enabled or try with drush en
  3. Activate the module via admin/modules

Usage Steps

  • Enable the "Webform Spam Words" module
  • Go to configuration: /admin/config/webform/webform-spam-words and add the keywords, error message and field name.
  • Go to the specific webform and add the spam handlers. For example: /admin/structure/webform/manage/contact/handlers
  • Click on "Add handler" button to add "Webform Spam Words" for the specific webforms.

Config page:

URL: /admin/config/webform/webform-spam-words
Once finished clear your drupal caches.


Webform Spam words Thirstysix

Webform Spam words ThirstysixWebform Spam words ThirstysixWebform Spam words ThirstysixWebform Spam words ThirstysixWebform Spam words Thirstysix

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