what are the basic drush command?

Drush is a command line shell and Unix scripting interface for Drupal.
Drush core ships with lots of useful commands for interacting with code like modules/themes/profiles.
Similarly, it runs update.php, executes sql queries and DB migrations, and misc utilities like run cron or clear cache. Drush can be extended by 3rd party command files.

Latest few Drush commands:

  • Cache rebuild     : drush cr
  • Show watchdog  : drush ws
  • One time login    : drush uli
  • DB backup          : drush sql-dump | gzip > database_06_05_2020_0636.sql.gz
  • DB import           : gunzip < database_06_05_2020_0636.sql.gz | drush sqlc
  • drush dl <modulename>

Old Versions:
drush sql-dump --result -file = dbname.sql
drush cache-clear (or) drush cc
drush cron
drush wd-del all  (wd)
drush wd-show (ws)
drush help
drush sql conf
drush sql connect
drush sql dump
drush sql load
drush sql query (sqlq)
drush status
drush variable delete (vdel)
drush variable get (vget)
drush variable set (vset)

drush dis (or) drush pm-disable views
drush dl [modulename]
drush en [modulename]
drush pmi  [modulename]  => info
drush pml  [modulename]  => show a list of available extension
drush pmu [modulename]  => uninstall